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Bridgeport CNC Machine

Bridgeport Ball Screw Repair

Ross CNC Specializes in all Bridgeport ball screw repair and lead screw manufacturing. Replacing a Bridgeport ball screw can be costly. Our typical price to rebuild Bridgeport ball screws is under $1000. If the parts aren’t worn out too bad, they will be $750 and will rarely exceed $1000. Very rare cases, they can be…
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Mori Seiki Ball Screw Repair Machine Image

Mori Seiki Ball Screw Repair

Ross CNC specializes in Mori Seiki ball screw repair. Most Mori Seiki ball screws are not on the shelf and can take 3 weeks (or more) to order a new one. Other companies can easily duplicate it, but they are 6 weeks out. The most common problem we see with Mori Seiki is the ball…
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