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Haas Machine Image

Haas Ball Screw Repair

Ross CNC specializes in Haas ball screw repair. Haas makes a good machine, but their ball screws are not the best quality. Typical problems we see are: Worn in one section. Backlash. Returns get clogged from debris/chips. Finding a brand new Haas ball screw on the shelf isn’t easy. Most of the time, it’s got…
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Mori Seiki Ball Screw Repair Machine Image

Mori Seiki Ball Screw Repair

Ross CNC specializes in Mori Seiki ball screw repair. Most Mori Seiki ball screws are not on the shelf and can take 3 weeks (or more) to order a new one. Other companies can easily duplicate it, but they are 6 weeks out. The most common problem we see with Mori Seiki is the ball…
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Star SR 20JII Machine

Star Ball Screw Repair

Ross CNC specializes in Star ball screw repair. Star is a precision ball screw manufacturer located in Germany. Ordering a new ball screw can take 8 weeks or more and they’re not cheap. Don’t let your machine stay out of production for over two months. We can completely rebuild your Star ball screw to work…
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