Hitachi Seiki Ball Screw Repair

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Hitachi Seiki Ball Screw Repair

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Ross CNC Specializes in Hitachi Seiki Ball Screw repair.

Hitachi Seiki manufactures a very good ball screw, the main problem is they’re not readily available for purchase. They need to be custom ordered and delivery is 3 to 4 weeks out.

When your machine can’t be down for a month, get your existing Hitachi Seiki ball screw repaired by Ross CNC.

What will it cost to repair my Hitachi Seiki ball screw?

Cost depends on the amount of work your ball screw needs. Our typical savings is over 50% from purchasing a new screw.

Call us with the approximate dimensions of your ball screw and let us know exactly what’s wrong with it (excessive backlash, noise in one direction, etc.) and we’ll get you a price right over the phone.

We can also arrange for pickup & crating if needed.

How long will it take to repair my Hitachi Seiki ball screw?

Typical lead times are 3 to 5 days. This also depends on what is wrong with your ball screw.

If you are experiencing backlash or mild noise, it’s a one or two day problem. If the returns are blown out it can take longer.

We do offer 24/48 hour emergency service for all Haas ball screw repair services. We’ll deliver your ball screw on your schedule.




Ball Screw Repair with New Parts
  • Need a quote for ball screw repair?
    We'll need the approximate length & diameter of your ball screw along with details on the problems you're having.