Cincinnati Gilbert Ball Screw Repair

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Cincinnati Gilbert Ball Screw Repair

Cincinnati Gilbert Machine

Ross CNC Specializes in Cincinnati Gilbert Ball Screw Repair.

These ball screws are never in stock. Ordering a brand new Cincinnati Gilbert ball screw can take over one month. The downtime will cost more than the part. Don’t order a copy ball screw for your Cincinnati machine. Repair your original equipment with a 2 year warranty you’ll save time & money.

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Cincinnati Gilbert Screw Repair

What will it cost to repair my Cincinnati Gilbert ball screw?

We can save you 60% or more from ordering a new screw. Total cost depends on the amount of work needed. If your screw is slightly passed the backlash compensation, it’s going to be a lot cheaper than if it’s tripping alarms. Call us with the dimensions of your ball screw and describe the problems you’re having. We will get you a price and delivery time over the phone. We’ll work on your schedule to deliver when you need it.

How long will my Cincinnati Gilbert ball screw repair take?

We offer 24/48 hour emergency delivery. Not in a hurry and trying to save money? Our normal delivery time is just 3 to 5 days. Again, delivery time depends on the amount of work your ball screw needs. Call us with the details and we’ll get it delivered when you need it.

We can repair your ball screw faster than you can order a new one, and save you up to 50% with a better warranty!

Need a price for ball screw repair service? Call or email us with the following information: Approximate overall length & diameter of your ball screw

Do you have a single or double nut?

What problems are you having with your ball screw? Backlash? Noisy in one direction? Be specific. When do you want your machine back in production? Call us with the information and we’ll get you an immediate price & delivery time right over the




Ball Screw Repair with New Parts
  • Need a quote for ball screw repair?
    We'll need the approximate length & diameter of your ball screw along with details on the problems you're having.