Ball screw repair in Texas. Ross CNC Specializes in ball screw repair in Houston Texas. We can repair any make or model ball screw for aerospace to woodworking, inch or metric, precision ground and rolled thread. If you need ball screw repair in Texas, we offer pickup & delivery service state wide. We can also provide a free estimate with just a little information. Installation and removal services are also available.

Just a few of the brands of we service

What will it cost to repair my ball screw at your Texas location? We’ll need the approximate length & diameter and we’ll need to know whether it’s a single or double nut. Please provide a detailed description of the problems you are experiencing along with the make of the machine and we can get you an estimate right over the phone and we’ll follow up with a written estimate in email or fax. Typical savings are 50-70% from replacement cost. We can arrange for same day pickup of your ball screw and provide crating & packaging if needed.

Screw Repair Form

  • Need a quote for ball screw repair?
    We'll need the approximate length & diameter of your ball screw along with details on the problems you're having.

 Passed the backlash compensation? Loss of accuracy? The screw looks good, but you’re getting errors or noise. Your nut is worn and the balls are worn out. Precision grinding on the ball grooves to accept a larger diameter ball will solve backlash, loss of accuracy, noise, etc. We’ll have your ball screw working like brand new in just 3 to 5 days. All ball screw repairs are backed by our 24 month warranty covering parts and labor.

Noisy in one direction? All the balls fell out? See the photos below. Your returns are worn down allowing the balls to move (instead of roll) and aren’t being “picked up” in the return tube/slot. Eventually your ball screw will fail and all of the balls will fall out or it will seize. Call us with a detailed description of the problems you are experiencing . We can estimate your ball screw repair right over the phone and arrange for same day pickup and crating if needed.

Poor accuracy in one area, the rest of the screw is fine? Over time your ball screw will wear in the area you use it most and not return to the proper position. Minor adjustments on the machinists side can get you through a few production runs, but eventually your ball screw will seize or trip the alarm. We can precision grind the ball grooves to .0002 TIR to eliminate all uneven wear and get your ball screw performing like a brand new unit in 5 days or less

Why choose Ross CNC to repair your ball screw?

The best warranty in the industry. All work is guaranteed up to 24 months covering all parts & labor.Save 50% or more from buying a brand new ball screw. Call with your sizes for an estimate over the phone.Normal delivery time is just 3 to 5 days. Expedite 24/48 hour delivery is also available.High precision grinding up to .0002 per foot lead accuracy.Zero backlash for the highest productivity and repeatability.New ball screws manufactured in 14 days or less.