Spindle Repair Service

Spindle repair service. Our company offers the fastest delivery times and all work is backed by the #1 warranty in the industry. From simple bearing replacements to complete rebuilds involving precision grinding and chrome plating, your spindle will work like new, guaranteed up to 24 months covering all parts & labor.

Repair Time For Spindles

How long will it take to repair my spindle? Delivery time depends on the amount of work your spindle needs. Simple bearing replacements can be done in just 2 to 4 days (depending on bearing availability), other complete spindle rebuilds that include precision OD/ID grinding & chrome plating & manufacturing can take longer. Our average delivery time is 7 to 10 days for a complete rebuild. Need it sooner? We offer emergency delivery service at 3 to 5 days for any repair. Call us with your spindle information and the problems it’s having. Our technicians can give you an estimate and delivery time right over the phone.

Spindle Repair Cost

What will it cost for my spindle repair service? Cost is determined by amount of work needed. Occasionally it’s a simple bearing change, others it’s damaged internals, replacing parts, grinding, chrome plating, etc. Call us with the specifics of your spindle and let us know when you want it delivered. Our experienced repair technicians will give you an estimate right over the phone and follow up with it in writing via email.  We can minimize machine downtime while saving you money.

Vibration analysis
Spindle cleaning & inspection Failure analysis
Spindle balancing & tuning
Motor testing & rewinding
Removal & installation svc.

High precision OD & ID grinding
3 & 4 axis CNC milling
CNC turningGear cutting CNC shaping
Hard chrome platingThermal spray coatings

Conventional machining & milling
Honing, polishing, lapping
Welding & fabrication
Reverse engineering specialists!
We manufacture parts for any spindle to save you time & money!

  • Need a quote for spindle repair?
    Please provide the make & model of your spindle along with details of the problems you are experiencing.


We Manufacture Spindle Parts Onsite

Our extensive machine shop give us the ability to manufacture precision spindle replacement parts, faster than the OEM. We’ll save you up to 70% from ordering a new spindle. We can reverse engineer parts for any obsolete spindle.We perform extensive testing on your spindle to find the cause of failure. Bearing overload & overheating are the main reason a spindle fails. We inspect run out, alignment, shaft journals, housing bores and parallelism. Once we know why your spindle failed, we can extend the life for maximum performance and reliability. All work is fully guaranteed up to 24 months covering all parts and labor.

Spindle repair experts

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Hitachi spindle repair service

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Komo spindle repair service

Att Hardinge spindle repair
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Cincinnati spindle repair service
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Spindle Repair Estimate

Need a price for spindle repair service? Call or email us with the following information:Make & model of your machine. When was the last time your spindle was repaired or serviced?
What problems is your spindle giving you? Please describe in detail.When do you want your spindle delivered?Call or email us with the information and we’ll get you an estimate right over the phone. Even if another company said it can’t be repaired, Ross CNC can do what other repair shops can’t.

Why Choose Ross CNC to For Spindle Repair?

The best warranty in the industry. All work is guaranteed up to 24 months covering all parts & labor.Save 50% or more from buying a brand new spindle. Call with your sizes for an estimate over the phone.Normal delivery time is just 5 to 10 days. Need it faster? We offer 3 to 4 day expedite service.High precision grinding, balancing, testing & complete run in. Complete machine shop with chrome plating.Extensive testing and failure analysis allows us to determine exactly why your spindle failed.We extend the life of your spindle for maximum performance & reliability.