We specialize in linear guide rail repair. We can repair any size or length linear guide rail & truck. The most common problem is the end caps (black plastic ball returns) have blown out due to chips and debris. Ross CNC can reverse engineer and manufacture a replacement return cap from a more durable material. This repair and manufacturing can be done in just 5 days or less. Don’t let your machine be down for 6 weeks or more when you order a new set.

Linear guide
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What will it cost to repair my linear guide rail and trucks? We’ll need to know the length and width of the rails and how many trucks per rail you are using. We will also need a detailed description of the problem you are experiencing (black return caps on end of truck are broken, trucks are loose, noise, etc.) and we can get you an estimate right over the phone, we’ll follow up with a written estimate in email or fax. Typical savings are 50-70% from replacement cost. We can also arrange for same day pickup of your linear guide rails repair and provide crating if needed.

  • Need a quote for chuck repair?
    Please provide the make & model of your chuck along with details of the problems you are experiencing.

Broken the return cap on the end of the truck? Ross CNC can duplicate any return cap and rebuild/reload trucks to make them perform like new. The OEM doesn’t sell single trucks, returns or parts, they only sell a complete set and it takes over 4 weeks to order. We do not stock any return caps or trucks. All parts are custom made per order.

Noise in one direction. If this is the case, odds are the trucks are full of chips and the balls are not rolling through the returns. They’re sliding due to wear or the end caps are broken.

Noise in one section, smooth in others. Over time the raceways will wear out in the area you use the machine most. Grinding the ball groove (raceway) passed all wear to accept a larger ball will solve this problem.

Why choose Ross CNC to repair your linear guide rail?

The best warranty in the industry. All work is guaranteed up to 24 months covering all parts & labor.
Save 50% or more from buying a brand new guide. Call with your sizes for an estimate over the phone.

Normal delivery time is just 3 to 5 days. Expedite 24/48 hour delivery is also available.

High precision grinding up to .0002 per foot lead accuracy.

Zero backlash for the highest productivity and repeatability.

Brand new ball screws manufactured in 14 days or less.

Our goal is to minimize machine downtime & save you money!