Ball Screw Repair You Can Count On

We specialize in ball screw repair. Over time your ball screw and nut can wear out and become loose. This will be the leading cause of noise, vibrations and loss of tolerance with other problems occurring the more you use it. Precision grinding the raceway (ball groove) to accept a larger diameter ball will restore precision accuracy and repeatability to make your ball screw work like new. Ross CNC has been in business over 30 years repairing ball screws and CNC machinery for all industries. Our company offers the best warranty in the industry, up to 24 months covering all parts and labor. Delivery time is just 2 to 4 days & we can save you 60% or more from buying a new ball screw.

Some of the severe problems we see is the plastic ball returns breaking or becoming worn. This will cause noise, backlash or complete failure with all of the balls falling out. We manufacture new ball returns that will outlast plastic resin 3 to 5 times longer.

Even metal return tubes can flare out and get damaged. This usually starts with a noise in one direction. Don’t order a new ball screw and wait 6 weeks for a replacement. Repair your ball screw with Ross CNC and get back into production in just 3 to 5 days. We have inserts and return tubes for most ball screws in stock.

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Just a few of the ball screw manufacturers we can service:

Ball Screw Repair Pricing

What will it cost to repair my ball screw? Typical savings are 50% to 70% of replacement. Call us with the approximate dimensions of your ball screw and details on the problems you’re having (slightly passed backlash compensation, noisy in one direction, tripping alarms, etc.). We will give you an estimate right over the phone. Let us know when you want it delivered and we will give you a guaranteed delivery date. We can also arrange for pickup and crating. Ball screw removal and installation service are also available.

Repair Time

How long will it take to repair my ball screw? Delivery time depends on the amount of work the ball screw needs and if we have to replace parts. Normal delivery time is just 3 to 5 days. If you need it fast, we offer 24/48 hour delivery on all repair projects.

Why Choose Ross CNC

Why choose Ross CNC to repair your ball screw?The best warranty in the industry. All work is guaranteed up to 24 months covering all parts & labor. Normal delivery time is just 2 to 4 days. Expedite 24/48 hour delivery is also available. Save 60% or more from buying a brand new ball screw. Call with your sizes for an estimate over the phone.

High precision grinding up to .0002 per foot lead accuracy. Zero backlash for the highest productivity and repeatability. New ball screws manufactured in 14 days or less. We can also manufacture lead screws & nuts.

  • Need a quote for ball screw repair?
    We'll need the approximate length & diameter of your ball screw along with details on the problems you're having.
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Ball Screw Repair Estimate

Need a price for ball screw repair service? Call or email us with the following information:

Approximate overall length & diameter of your ball screw. Is your ball screw a single or double nut? what problems are you having with your ball screw? Backlash? Loss of tolerance?

Be specific. When do you want your ball screw back in production?Call us with the information and we’ll get you an immediate price & delivery time right over the phone.

Even if your ball screw is obsolete, we can manufacture and reverse engineer any parts needed to get your ball screw working like new.

Loss of Accuracy

Passed the backlash compensation? Loss of accuracy? The screw looks good, but you’re getting errors or noise. Your nut is worn and the balls are worn out. Precision grinding the ball grooves to accept a larger diameter ball will solve backlash, loss of accuracy, noise, etc. We’ll have your ball screw working like brand new in just a few days. All ball screw repairs are backed by our 24 month warranty covering parts and labor.

Noisy Ball Screw

Noisy in one direction? All the balls fell out? Your returns are worn down allowing the balls to move (instead of roll) and aren’t being “picked up” in the return tube/slot. Eventually your ball screw will fail and all of the balls will fall out or it will seize. Call us with a detailed description of the problems you are experiencing . We can estimate your ball screw repair right over the phone and arrange for same day pickup and crating if needed.

Small Segment Worn Out

Poor accuracy in one area, the rest of the screw is fine? Over time your ball screw will wear in the area you use it most and not return to the proper position. Minor adjustments on the machinists side can get you through a few production runs, but eventually your ball screw will seize or trip the alarm. We can precision grind the ball grooves to .0002 TIR to eliminate all uneven wear and get your ball screw performing like a brand new unit in 5 days or less

Out of Backlash Compensation

Is your ball screw slightly out of the backlash compensation? The reason this happens is the balls have worn out inside the nut. Example: The original size was 0.250, now the balls are worn to 0.2485. Most of the time a polish and reload will solve the problem, if not we can precision grind and make adjustments to get your ball screw back to OEM tolerances. This type of repair can usually be done in 24 to 48 hours standard delivery.

Lead Distance

What is the ball screw lead? It is linear distance traveled for each turn. If your ball screw lead is one inch, turning the nut one full rotation will result in exactly one inch of travel. If the lead is half an inch, turning the nut one full rotation will result in half an inch of travel. You can measure your ball screw lead by the distance traveled for one complete turn. This information isn’t necessary for a repair estimate, but is required for the manufacturing of a new screw & nut.